Get Career Confident

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Funded by the Careers and Enterprise Company and the brainchild of Sussex Learning Network and Elev8Careers, provides careers information and advice to students, teachers and parents across Brighton and Hove, and parts of Sussex. Communitas won a competitive pitch to launch the new brand and run a 12-month campaign linked to defined KPIs.

Our key objective is to reach students at school, via their parents and when browsing social media with relevant, timely and engaging careers content. We consulted with a range of stakeholders to develop the Get Career Confident name and brand. We then went on to design a small website with a limited number of signposting and information pages, with the bulk of the content being targeted via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to reach our different audiences. Our creative content strategy has included using seasonal hooks such as Halloween and Christmas to flag up topical careers including makeup artistry, food production and event management. Similarly we used Valentine’s Day to promote routes into music production, floristry and psychotherapist career pathways.

We have used a set of 100 videos showcasing Sussex business people across a diverse range of careers, as well as over 30 help videos on a range of topics such as how to complete a university application and considering GCSE options. In addition we have created a range of printed collateral for use at events and during lessons.

Here’s a snapshot of results from the first three months:

46 careers teachers have signed up via the website to receive tailored access to information, tips and support for their careers lessons.

578 students have signed up via the website to receive individual support and advice

171 parents signed up again to receive tips, information and a monthly newsletter.

On Instagram over 180 followers, with posts achieving average engagement rates of 5.6 percent

On Facebook over 210 page follows with posts achieving engagement rates of 4.3 percent

On Twitter over 101 followers with an engagement rate of 2.8 percent has had over 1400 unique first visits to the website. These visits have resulted in: 4200 page views 90 downloads of documents 88 video downloads

We greatly appreciate the work of Communitas in supporting us to develop and deliver our personal guidance programme Get Career Confident and we have really benefited from their educational expertise and sensitive understanding. They have quickly grown our student, parent and teacher audiences across social media channels by generating rich and relevant content, and they have helped us to create visually engaging educational resources. Throughout the programme and in the work they have produced, Communitas have maintained consideration of the overall objectives, supporting us to achieve them. And they are always a pleasure to work with! They are responsive, professional and make things happen quickly and to a very high standard.

Charlie Field, Project Lead Get Career Confident