Learn Music London

PR | Social media | Marketing campaign

The brief

Funded by the Mayor of London and realised by music education organisations ABRSM and Music Mark, learnmusic.london was set up with the strategic aim of  substantially increasing the numbers of young people from all backgrounds who learn a musical instrument, by signposting parents to their local music service. Our brief was to launch the service to London parents and sustain interest over the initial 16-week launch period, linked to agreed KPIs.  

Our response

We designed an integrated PR campaign using a carefully targeted mix of print and digital channels to create an impactful launch. This was followed by a consistent drip-feed of news, features, announcements and competitions to maintain momentum and drive take-up over the initial 16 weeks. Using filmed assets supplied by the client, as well as launch film and interviews with young ambassadors that we planned and created ourselves, and by fostering relationships with the 30+ London-based music hubs, we ensured that the campaign featured an exciting and varied mix of young musicians and musical opportunities to inspire parents and children alike. 

The results of the campaign were as follows:

Number of website visits

52 week target - 5,000
Our 16 week result  - 4,179

Unique visitors

52 week target - 1,750
Our 16 week result - 3,381

Unique form fills

52 week target - 300
Our 16 week result - 161

Social media followers (Twitter + Facebook)

52 week target - 500
Our 16 week result - 526

Entries from social media across all competitions

52 week target - 300
Our 16 week result - 757

We were really pleased with the response to our project brief. Throughout the six-month campaign, Communitas helped us raise parents’ awareness of the countless music-making opportunities for children in the London area. They provided us with a clear marketing campaign, managed our social media and press activity and helped us reach new audiences.

Communitas dealt with challenges and short deadlines in a professional and flexible manner.

Triona Doherty, Learn Music London Project Lead