Research | Marketing Strategy

The brief

To undertake a strategic marketing and communications review for international school, TASIS (the American School in England). 

With target international families located both in the United States and across the rest of the world, TASIS England was looking for recommendations around messaging, positioning and tactics that would allow it to reach international parents.

Our response

We designed a research programme to examine the content and effectiveness of all aspects of TASIS admissions marketing, as well as communications with current families. For admissions our focus was on the process for moving target families through the admissions sales funnel from initial interest through to a parent confirming a school place. For current families (and school alumni), our focus was on how far school communication was providing families with the tools and information to manage their day-to-day needs, and also to be advocates for the school. This was based on our understanding of how important positive word of mouth is to admissions marketing. 

We undertook a large-scale interview programme with staff involved in admissions and communications which enabled us to make valuable suggestions for internal communications and working within and between teams. Equally we conducted surveys with alumni and current parents for their perspecitve on admissions markeitng and communications.

We followed up our research report with a comprehensive set of recommendations, which included improving SEO, harnessing the school’s social media channels more effectively and investing in more targeted Google Adwords based on detailed keyword research. 

It has been a pleasure working with Communitas, and all of us at TASIS greatly appreciate the time and talents that you all have put into the marketing review and associated recommendations. We are confident that the changes and suggestions put forward by Communitas will make a positive difference in our profile, accessibility, and outreach efforts.

Headmaster Michael McBrien