EESA Primary School

School Marketing Plan | Research | Design

The brief

Communitas was commissioned to support this primary academy with a full admissions marketing strategy, which the school itself could deliver. 

Our response

To help inform the academy’s marketing strategy we used a mixture of focus groups and other stakeholder and desk research. We went on to create a detailed timetable of activity to enable the school to build awareness and grow its reputation with various stakeholder groups – including prospective parents. Our recommended activity included reworking the school website to include video content, creating a new school newsletter, using social media to create interesting, relevant content to give stakeholders a window on the new school. We also suggested running events to enable parents to visit the school, as well as an outreach programme to build relationships with local influencer groups.

The school adopted 90 per cent of our recommendations and saw a 57 per cent year on year increase in admissions across all year groups.

We were hugely impressed by the Communitas team and how they were able to gain an understanding of challenges. Their experience and knowledge of school admissions was invaluable.

Jo Atherton, Principal